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Waldemar Seunig

The Gymnasium of the Horse

Gustav Steinbrecht  (K)

The Complete Training of Horse & Rider

Alois Podhajsky

The Riding Teacher

Alois Podhajsky

The Art of Dressage

Alois Podhajsky

My Horses, My Teachers

Alois Podhajsky

Ride from Within

James Shaw

The Circle of Trust

Walter Zettl  

Dressage in Harmony    (K)

Walter Zettl    (K)

Dressage Formula

Erik Herbermann

A Horseman’s Notes

Erik Herbermann

From the Horse’s Mouth: A Horseman’s Notes II

Erik Herbermann

Workbooks from the Spanish School

Charles Harris

Fundamentals of Riding

Charles Harris

Dressage for the 21st Century

Paul Belasik

Riding Towards the Light

Paul Belasik

Exploring Dressage Technique

Paul Belasik

The Songs of Horses

Paul Belasik

A Search for Collection

Paul Belasik

Das Dressurpferd / The Dressage Horse

Harry Boldt

Ecole de Cavalerie  (read English version online here)

Francois Robichon de la Guérinière

Riding Logic

Wilhelm Müseler

Dressage - A Guideline for Riders & Judges

Wolfgang Niggli

Understanding Equitation

Jean St Fort Paillard

Academic Equitation

General Decarpentry

L’Hotte and the Quest for Lightness in Equitation

Hilda Nelson

Francois Baucher - The Man and his Method

Hilda Nelson

Breaking and Riding

James Fillis

Horses are made to be Horses

Franz Mairinger

Reflections on Equestrian Art

Nuno Oliveira

Horse and their Riders

Nuno Oliveira

From Old Master to Young Trainer

Nuno Oliveira

Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse    (K)

Charles de Kunffy

Dressage Principles Illuminated

Charles de Kunffy

Dressage Questions Answered

Charles de Kunffy

The Ethics and Passions of Dressage

Charles de Kunffy   (K)

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders

Charles de Kunffy

The Way to Perfect Horsemanship

Udo Bürger

The Rider Forms the Horse

Udo Bürger

Tug of War: Classical vs “Modern” Dressage

Gerd Heuschmann

Balance in Movement - The Seat of the Rider

Suzanne von Dietze

Anatomy of Dressage

H & V Schusdziara

Basic Training of the Young Horse

Reiner Klimke

Klimke on Dressage

Reiner Klimke


Reiner & Ingrid Klimke

A Classical Riding Notebook

Michael J Stevens

Practical Schooling

Michael J Stevens

Henriquet on Dressage

Michel Henriquet

Dressage Riding

Richard Watjen


Henry Wynmalen

Dressage - A Study of the Finer Points of Riding

Henry Wynmalen

The Elements of Dressage

Kurd Albrecht von Zeigner

Dressage Judge’s Handbook

Brig. Gen. Kurt Albrecht

Principles of Dressage

Brig. Gen. Kurt Albrecht

Common Sense Dressage

Sally O’Connor

In Deference (original title of CSwtHiM)

Anja Beran

Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind

Anja Beran

Misconceptions and Simple Truths in Dressage

DR H M L van Shaik

Dressage as Art in Competition

John Winnett

Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage    (K)

Philippe Karl

Klaus Balkenhol: The Man & his Method

Britta Schoffman

The Art of Classical Horsemanship   (K)

Egon von Neindorff   (K)

Fundamentals of Dressage

Alfred Knopfhart

Thinking Riding Books I & II

Molly Sivewright

Lessons on the Lunge for Horse & Rider

Molly Sivewright

The Classical Rider

Sylvia Loch

The Classical Seat

Sylvia Loch

Invisible Riding

Sylvia Loch

Dressage in Lightness

Sylvia Loch

Learning to Ride as an Adult Book 1

Erika Prockl

Learning to Ride as an Adult Book 2

Erika Prockl

Ride with Your Mind

Mary Wanless

For the Good of the Rider

Mary Wanless

Balanced Riding

Pegotty Henriques

Successful Schooling

Karen Blignault

Training Showjumpers

Anthony Paalman

Riding Problems

Gregor de Romaszkhan

Dressage in Harmony

Phil Bennett

Dressage From Medium to Grand Prix

Michael Kunz

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I’m often asked which books would I recommend for people getting into classical riding. Apart from the top three, the list is in no particular order of preference; some books will appeal more than others, but they all have their merits.

However, if I could have only one book on riding it would have to be Seunig’s Horsemanship as it covers absolutely everything, but can be a little deep for a newcomer to the art.

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Training from the Ground


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