Counting the Tempi Changes

How do I count the flying change if I have to do say 5 flying changes across the diagonal every fourth or third stride.

I am so busy thinking about my timing, balance and straightness, that I cannot remember how many I have left to do.

I have also got into a very bad habit of counting 1, 2, change for every three and 1, 2, 3, change for every four, for the FEI Prix ST.George test I have got away with just remembering to do two before X, one at X and the last two before end.

Let's say you're doing four-time changes. The most commonly used method for counting the changes is:

For the first change:     one-two-three-FOUR

Second change:           two-two-three-FOUR

Third change:               three-two-three-FOUR

Forth change:               four-two-three-FOUR

Fifth change:                five-two-three-FOUR


Three time changes: 






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