The good rider must be able to lay claim to an education. Then he also feels the need to analyse his actions. He will try to
them from nature by scientific means, and form a system that can serve as a foundation for all his individual actions.

Louis Seeger 1884

If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously a keen student! But I put this quote here because there are those riders / teachers who think that learning about anatomy is too much unnecessary information. Everything in classical riding is based in the biomechanics and psychology of the horse and rider, which gives it a logical cause and effect. Those who can’t be bothered to learn about his aspect of their riding a missing out on a huge chunk of knowledge and could be putting far too much effort into their riding and getting very little result from their horse.

Some people love to know all the parts involved in moving the body, some like to be aware of where it is they are experiencing a ‘feeling’, others just ride without ever needing (or wanting) to know.

Muscles of the Thigh - Quadriceps Group


(1) Rectus Femoris - extends the leg, flexes the thigh

(2) Vastus Lateralis (Externus) - extends leg

(4)Vastus Medialis (Internus) - extends leg

(a) Tensor Fascia Latae - flexes, abducts, and medially rotates the thigh

(c) Sartorius - -flexes, abducts and laterally rotates the thigh; flexes leg

(f) Iliopsoas - flexes the thigh; flexes and laterally bends the lumbar vertebral column

(g) Pectineus - adducts, flexes, and medially rotates the thigh

(h) Adductor Longus - adducts, flexes, and medially rotates the femur

(i) Gracilis - adducts the thigh, flexes and medially rotates the thigh, flexes the leg.

Glossary of Terms

Abduct - draw away from the mid-line of the body

Adduct - draw towards the mid-line of the body

Flex - bend

Extends - straighten

Medially rotate - turn towards the middle



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