"There is no transference of secrets from Master to Disciple. Teaching is not difficult. Learning is not difficult. Listening is not
difficult either, but what is truly difficult is to become conscious of what you have in yourself and be able to use it as your own" 
(Zen saying).

Lessons within a 10-mile radius of Droitwich Spa are charged at 40.00 for a private 45 minute lesson.

Lessons further afield will incur a mileage charge. Please contact me (Jordan) for further details.

I have no breed or Sport prejudice. I teach / ride a large cross section of riders / horses.

I teach in plain English that leads you to discover how you need to use your body to become an effective rider. It isn't always easy, you may have to learn to learn all over again. But your horse will give you all the proof you need that what you learn with me works. I give definition to the normal teaching jargon of "Use your back / legs / hands", "Relax!", "Get him on the bit!" etc . . . etc

If a student isn't making the change I've been asking for, I’ll try a completely different description rather than just shouting the same thing louder. I've found the best way is 'Explanation, Demonstration, Application' I explain clearly what is involved in each movement, I show you (on foot or horseback), you go  and do it yourself. I've reached that point in my life where I'm comfortable with what I know and teach, but I'm also humble enough to know that I haven't stopped learning—some passage in a book, something a teacher says still makes a light bulb go on in my mind with a sort of "Ah, now you put it like that!"

It works because its based on time-honoured Classical principles. They are just presented in a more easily understood way. I show you how to ride, the necessary biomechanics, what muscles you need to use—and which ones you don't—for a given movement. I like to think of it as setting you on the road to self-discovery

I don't shout (unless I’m excited at your progress!)  I don't patronise. I don't belittle. But neither will I tell you you’re doing well when you’re not! I don't automatically assume you know something. I won’t make you feel stupid. I won’t scare you. I will make you think about, question and evaluate everything you do. I teach at your pace, not mine.

Successful learning needs 3 things:

1.) a burning desire to learn,

2.) Qualified help, (and we're not necessarily talking certified)

3.) Enough time to practice or study.

(  dressage_trainer@classicaldressage.co.uk  )



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